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May 2018 Box Interviews

APRIL 2018

Kerrelyn Sparks

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  • What's the first story you ever wrote? Was it a romance?
  • The first book I wrote was a historical paranormal romance based on Arthurian legend, titled Lady of the Lake. It was never published and probably should remain so! It was my learning book. The second book I wrote was a historical romance, titled For Love or Country, and that one was good enough to be published. It was later re-released as The Forbidden Lady.
  • What's one of your favorite lines from How to Tame a Beast?
  • When the hero’s friend worries about him taking in too much lightning and frying himself to death, Leo responds by saying, “Doesn’t everyone want to go out in a blaze of glory?”
  • Who is your favorite fictional couple?
  • Well, I’m very fond of Lizzie and Mr. Darcy. And Jamie and Claire from Outlander. I’m usually in love with the last couple that I wrote, and that would be Silas and Gwennore from Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon.
  • What's your ideal spot to read? (Ever read in the bath tub?)
  • I don’t usually read in the bathtub— too worried about getting my books wet. I prefer my comfy chair, the same place where I write. According to my Fitbit, I spend too much time in that chair!
  • I would like to thank all the readers who have given my new Embraced series a try. There are five books planned for the series, and I’m currently working on book 4. I will be in Reno at the Romantic Times Convention in May, so if you’re anywhere near there, please come to the giant book signing! In July, I'll be at the huge book signing at the RWA conference in Denver. And I’ll be at the Romance GenreCon in Kansas City in August, and soon after that, I’ll be in Wisconsin. Please check the Appearances page on my website for more information. Also, if you like contests, I give away books every month on my Facebook page!
  • Website— www.kerrelynsparks.com
  • Facebook— https://www.facebook.com/KerrelynSparksRomance
  • Twitter— @KerrelynSparks
MARCH 2018

Lynsay Sands


image by @bubbles_books_box

  • What's one of your favorite lines from Falling for the Highlander?
  • “Ye’re usually a quiet, grumpy bastard, but no’ since we stumbled upon Murine. I’ve ne’er seen ye smile so much ere this, and ye actually talk to the woman, stringing whole sentences together rather than just grunting on occasion as ye usually do. “
  • How do you create chemistry between characters in your books?
  • They have to be physically attracted to one other but over and above that they have to respect or learn to respect one another. Throwing my characters together into odd, uncomfortable, or downright hilarious situations usually throws a spark on that underlying attraction. For instance, in Falling For The Highlander, Dougall was attracted to Murine right from the start, but he didn’t pursue it. It was only after she fled on her bull away from her brother and his nefarious plans for her and ended up in the Buchanan brothers’ care that the attraction really sparked. It was her bravery and courage that made his attraction for her irresistible.
  • If you could spend time with any author, alive or not, who would it be and why?
  • Hmm… that’s a hard one. I can’t really think of anyone specific I’d like to spend time with. Maybe several of my contemporary authors to see how they handle certain aspects of the business. Seven or eight of us once got together early in my career for a girl’s weekend and it was really a lot of fun. I wouldn’t mind doing that again. We all got along so well. It’s odd when you work such a solitary job, and it’s nice when you get to hang with others who do the same.
  • What's your ideal spot to read? (Ever read in the bath tub?)
  • I LOVE reading in the bathtub! (However, I have lost more than one kindle in the tub, which can get expensive. LOL) Usually I read curled up on the couch while hubby reads, or surfs the net or watches a movie.
  • What do you do to treat yourself after a hard day or long week?
  • First and foremost, I get a good night’s sleep. When I’m on deadline that tends to be rare so that’s the first thing I do after I’m finished one. Then it all depends on whether I’m about to go back to work. If I’m thinking about working on a new story I’ll likely read a book or two. If I know I have a few days to myself then I’ll likely either play some video games or start a house project; painting, replacing toilets, stretching the carpet, removing tiles from the bathroom we’re about to redo, that sort of thing.

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