Bubbles & Books January 2024 Cruise

10 Days of Relaxation & Self Care! 

Who doesn't want to vacation with friends?!

While most rooms on cruise ships lack a bath tub there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation, self care, and if you’re up for it - adventure!

Bubbles & Books is cruising in January 2024 and we’d love to see our book and bath community treat yourself to an all-inclusive vacation where your only responsibility is deciding how to spend each day!

You don’t have to make the beds, pick up wet towels from the floor, plan or make or clean up meals… that alone sounds like heaven to me! You’re all inclusive trip includes your room, meals, and most activities on the ship. You can even include tips and purchase drink packages so it really is one price to cover it all. 

This cruise is stopping at 5 islands where you can decide to get off the ship and explore or participate in organized excursions (extra fees) or simply stay on the ship- your choice! Should you want the ultimate pampering- the on ship spa services may be just what the doctor ordered (these are not included in the cruise fare unfortunately) but the ship offers hot tubs and pools you can use at no additional cost. 

All group members will receive 5-15% off the cost of the cruise and $100 onboard credit to spend on the ship. More rooms booked equals higher savings and onboard credit for every room. 

Bubbles & Books will provide a welcome gift for the first 10 rooms booked as part of our group to help make your trip even more relaxing! We’ll also arrange for some optional get togethers throughout the trip for anyone who wants to meet (and if you’d rather keep to yourself that’s great too! This is all about what you want!)

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