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📖 Stress Melting Stories: 1-2 books that whisk you away to another world.
🛁 Luxury Bath Time: Handmade bath bombs & bubbles for peak relaxation.
🌙 Sweet Dreams: Our baths help set the stage for a better night's sleep, enhancing your bedtime routine.
🧼 Skin Love: Artisan soaps and lotions for that soft, glowing skin.

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What's in the box

Monthly themed boxes of books & self care treats

  • 📚1-2 books in the genre of your choice
  • 🛀Handmade bath bombs & bubbles
  • 🧽Handmade soap
  • 🧴Luxury lotions & skincare
  • 🪪Loyalty program
  • 🍵Surprise treats & comforting drinks
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